Our commitment

Kippie believes good pearls should be seen, should be touched, and should be tried on. We therefore go to extra lengths to ensure the superior quality of each and every pearl that makes its way through the studio before making its way to you. We search through thousands of pearls to find the perfect ones. And perfection is often found in the imperfect, the pearl with a slight quirk, a beautiful shape or shade. Indeed, this is partly the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, or the need to appreciate beauty in its imperfect and impermanent state.

Kippie pearls are unique and different from much that we see online today: we only work with the finest quality pearls and personally select each and every South Sea, Tahiti, Japanese and Chinese cultured pearl for import and distribution in South Africa. Some of these make their way into thoughtfully designed, unique jewellery pieces for our clients. Each Kippie piece is designed and made by a hand-picked team of talented consultant jewellers and goldsmiths. 

From round to baroque, white to black and everything in between, Kippie celebrates pearls in all their natural wonder, whatever their shape, colour or size. Just like the dynamic and inspiring women they adorn. Just like you.

Until now, Kippie's pearls were an open secret, purely run on the whispers of those in the know. On making her unique offering available online, KIPPIE hopes to inspire the next generation to indulge in high quality, heirloom-quality pearl jewellery.


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