Chapter 1: Beauty in simplicity

The elegance of Kippie jewellery, the natural lustre of the strands of pearls lovingly curated, and the origins of the pearls are celebrated with simplistic styling.

Wabi-sabi may be a worldwide trend at the moment, but for the Japanese it is a way of life. Looking at rituals of purity and simplicity and wabi-sabi in Japanese culture and aesthetics, the focus falls on the beauty of the everyday. A pearl is the perfect example of this practice, it is never finished and never perfect. 

Like the tea ceremony where tea is served in handcrafted vessels that embrace imperfection, each of the Kippie pearls are chosen to play their part on a string or in setting. The beauty lies within the natural imperfection. You cannot make a pearl, you can only take the naturally created beauty and enhance it to create something even better. And this is what Kippie does best.

Photographer: Adele Ferreira

Stylist + art direction: Joanita Cillie


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