About Kippie

From round to baroque, whatever the size, shape or colour, Kippie celebrates pearls in all their natural wonder. Just like the dynamic and inspiring individuals they adorn. Just like you.

Over forty years of experience and expertise are invested in the selection of each of Kippie's curated collection of South Sea, Tahiti, Japanese and Chinese cultured pearls. This experience is clearly discernible in the thoughtful curation, considered design, and quality craftsmanship of Kippie's heirloom jewellery. 

Welcome to the Grand Unshucking.


Kippie starts with a journey, like all the best stories. In 1979, a young South African air hostess, Kippie van der Spuy, visited Japan for the first time. She swiftly fell in love with the people, the land, the food, and the pearls. In the four decades since then, she has built up a well established pearl curation business with limited branding or advertising and no online presence. To discerning local collectors, she became Kippie.

Kippie believes that good pearls should be seen, touched, and tried on. This is why we go to extra lengths to ensure the superior quality of each and every pearl that makes its way through the studio before making its way to you. We search through thousands of pearls to find the best. With more than four decades of experience in pearl curation, Kippie knows her South Sea from her Tahiti, her Akoya from her Biwa. She knows how differences in climates and water temperatures, or their location on specific sides of a land mass, might impact the colour and character of a pearl. 

She knows that perfection is often found in the imperfect, the pearl with a slight quirk, a beautiful shape or shade. Kippie knows how to present pearls in a refreshing and contemporary light, with an eclectic selection that celebrates the bold and minimalist as much as the delicate and feminine. Because pearls can be regal and elegant, but also quirky and fun. Because no two pearls are the same.


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