The Credits

Like a pearl necklace is not a necklace without a whole string of pearls, the support of silk thread, the person who hand-knots the string, and the clasp, Kippie would not be possible without the help and guidance of an entire community of friends and colleagues.

This includes (but is not limited to):

- our invaluable project manager Joanita Cillié for everything from styling to photography to modelling to production to design and layout to troubleshooting and general problem-fixing;

- Robyn van der Spuy for all of her behind-the-scenes magic with spreadsheets and so much more;

- the creative agency Happy Go Lucky (Kara Furter, Katie Mills, Danielle de Matos) for branding and the beautiful The Last Meal shoot. For the latter: hair & makeup Algria Ferreira, and venue Elene Groenewald;

- our various shoot and product photographers: Frances Marais, Adel Ferreira, Nina Zimolong, Michael Scott; and Anneri Wassserman;

- our lovely models, Leana du Toit, Sikhokhele Tyhali, Christi Steyn, Robyn van der Spuy, and little Livvie;

- Bredine Kruger for website design (and for letting us test all her patience);

- Jens Henkel for animations and related troubleshooting;

- Nicole Goodman for general branding guidance/support; 

- Clarisse Coetzee for media and public relations support;

and so many more!


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