Pearls are the only truly sustainable and organic gems on and of our earth. To ensure we can keep benefiting from their beauty, we also need to take care of that earth. KIPPIE is committed to working as sustainably as possible within our business. Our partners are selected not only because they are the best at what they do, but also because they take such care to recycle and refine all metals. As much as is reasonably possible, we work with trusted and long-established partners in Japan and Hong Kong for all of the pearls we use. 


We use sustainable, locally-made packaging that can be recycled and reused. Our beautiful cloth pearl bags are made by our friend Mala, a local seamstress from Langa. We use Mielie Mailers to distribute purchases, a locally produced 100% compostable mailer.

Because KIPPIE believes that sustainability starts with consumption, we want our customers to purchase KIPPIE pearls, create their own stories through wear, and then hand it down once they no longer need it. We therefore particularly encourage customers to think of recycling, repurposing, and remaking their pearls, and encourage you to bring us your old and/or outdated jewels to be restrung or even reset as many times as you like.


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